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Spell Candles | Variety of Colours

Spell Candles | Variety of Colours

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Small organic beeswax hand rolled spell candles with a quick burn time of around 25 minutes, the perfect length of time for a spell.

Beeswax candles tend to burn brighter and longer than other candles. 


Each candle stands at 5cm x 1cm approx. Burn time of 25 minutes.

Colours Available & Meanings:

Red Candle - Protection, Strength & Desire

Purple Candle - Peace, Spirituality & Meditation 

Orange Candle - Ambition, Luck & Success

Golden Candle - Success, Power & Abundance 

Blue Candle - Healing, Harmony & Security

Black Candle - Protect, Bind & Banish

Pink  Candle - Friendship, Romance, Attraction

White Candle - Purification, Protection, Meditiation

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Made by Molly & Izzie


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