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Handmade Wooden Country Cottages

These beautiful handmade Country Cottages are exclusive to Out of the ORDinary!
Handmade by the Rustic Hut, these pieces are just a beautiful addition to your home.
Popular for New Home gifts, these consist of 2 painted wooden houses on a birch wood slice. Hand decorated with twine to complete a fence to keep the 2 needle felted sheep within the grounds of the cottages. Also note the small details of a small wood pile for the fire and tiny pine cones and grass dotted around the garden along with the tiny washing blowing dry on the line!
There are 5 unique designs at the moment but only 1 of each so if you like what you see, place your order quickly to avoid dissappointment! No 2 irems will be the same due to the handmade nature of each item.
Width: approx. 4.5" - 5"
Height: approx. 3.5"
EXCLUSIVE to Out of the ORDinary!