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The Grey Workshop

Handmade Wooden Coasters | Various Designs

Handmade Wooden Coasters | Various Designs

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Hand designed and lasered onto wood.

Sheep set of 4: 95mm diameter x 6mm depth
15cm length x 9.7cm height x 9.5cm width (will come flat packed)
Skipton "Sheep Town" :approx. 95mm diameter & 6mm depth.
VW Coaster: approx. 95mm height x 90mm width
Campervan: approx. 95mm in length, 92mm in height & 6mm depth.
Hello world: approx. 95mm height x 95mm width
Love You: approx.  95mm diameter & 6mm depth
I love my Horse: approx. 95mm diameter & 6mm depth.
Wine helps me Adult: approx. 95mm diameter &6 mm depth
Yorkshire Rose: approx.  97mm x 97mm
Gateway to the Dales: approx.95mm diameter & 6mm depth
Highland Cow: approx. 110mm width, 1200mm height & 6mm depth
Wine..Parenting Skills: approx.90mm x 95mm
Have Tea: approx.95mm x 95mm
Good People...Good Beer: approx. 95mm x 95mm
Positivi...TEA: approx.95mm x 95mm
Coffee Adulting is hard: approx. 93mm x 95mm
Please don't take my drink: approx.95mm x 95mm
Hunting is the greatest: approx. 95mm diameter & 6mm depth
Mixed drinks: approx. 95mm x 95mm 
Wish you were beer: approx. 95mm x 95mm
Love has 4 letters: approx. 95mm x 95mm
Tea now, wine later: approx. 95mm x 95mm
Resting coffee face: approx. 95mm x 95mm
Coffee now, wine later: approx. 95mm x 95mm
Coffee, Tequila: approx. 95mm x 95mm
The Glorious 12th: approx. 95mm diameter & 6mm depth

Oak veneered coasters. All items finished with a gloss lacquer.

Made by The Grey Workshop
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