Collection: A Cup Full of Quotes

A Cup Full of Quotes is a quote and mug business. Ed crafts in his own time when he is not doing his day job being a gardener.

Many years ago, I was given a mug. It had a really nice graphic, but it just wasn’t right. That mug was the White Rabbit that led me down this rabbit hole…

It was an excerpt of a much larger image, and should have been my favourite mug.

But it wasn't. The image just wasn't finished... right!

Weirdly, that was the start of the idea that became A Cup Full of Quotes.

Initially I was intending to bring the books, authors and illustrators I loved, and grew up with, into day-to-day life.

Inspiration for designs comes from many places... the books I read, films I love, writers and poets who have influenced me...

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