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Sacred Heart Original Artwork in Various Designs & Sizes

A small collection of original artwork by Hattie Miller, who lives here in Yorkshire.
This beautiful art is created and displayed in picture frames found in local Charity shops....the ultimate in upcycling.
Dimensions: Small frame £20   (Yellow or Green Heart)  7" x 5" approx. 
Gold Square box frame £30  (Purple Heart)    7" x 7" approx.
      Gold & red square frame £30 (Red Heart)    7" x 7" approx.
Gold & Red frame £30  (red heart)          7.5" x 9.5" approx.
       White & Gold painted frame (Purple Heart) £35     8.5" x 10.5" approx.
        Gold frame (Blue & Green Heart) £40       9" x 11" approx.
                             Original Artwork by Hattie Miller