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Handmade Crystal Infused Candles in a Variety of Fragrances

These beautiful handpoured candles are truly where home fragrance meets art!
In 8 stunning varieties, these candles are made by Sienna Blue and each one is sightly different due to each being handpoured and the ethically sourced crystals used to create them.
These make ideal statement pieces for your own home or give as gifts to loved ones as they definitely provide the WOW factor!
Choose from 8 varieties dependng on your mood:
Sunday Morning - Vanilla Espresso fragrance infused with a Tiger's Eye  crystal.
Energise - Sweet Orange Esstential Oil and infused with Citrine.
New Beginnings - Bergomot & Oakmoss fragrance infused with a Kyanite.
Moonlight - Myrrh & Tonka fragrance & infused with Clear Quartz.
Love - 3 fragrances of Rose, patchouli & plum combine to make this      stunning candle which is infused with Rose Quartz.
Grounding - Jasmine fragrance infused with Pyrite.
Calm - Lavender Essential Oil infused with Amethyst crystals.
Hygge - Pumpkin spice fragrance infused with Carnelian & Red Jasper         stones.
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