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Handknitted Beautiful Rainbow Poppy Brooches. Handmade for Charity

Hand knit in mixed fibre yarn, a Rainbow Poppy brooch with gold effect centre to represent the Sun

“Large measures approx 8cm across  and features colours Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet with Gold centre
Small measures approx 4-5cm across and features colours Red, Yellow Green and Blue with gold centre

The rainbow means different things to different people.
It is s symbol of peace, serenity, happiness, hope, success, fortune.

In these strange days it can help to motivate us to continue and endure through dark times.

It has been  adopted by many groups as their sign - a message of inclusiveness and cohesion and demonstrates how beautiful diversity can be. Teaches us to embrace our own differences and that of others.

Whatever the rainbow means to you wear it to support others ......

I am selling these and donating proceeds to those less fortunate than ourselves. Those that are forgotten victims in the lockdown - the vunerable children and adults in abusive homes.
Donations to NSPCC, Childline and Refuge”

Made by FCK