Collection: Alison Jane Accessories

Alison Jane Accessories creates beautiful knitted scarves and baby blankets and more! 

"My name is Alison Jane Duckworth hence the name of my business is Alison Jane Accessories. 
I have been knitting for a long time but mainly for my family, so 17 years ago I decided to start designing and making different types of scarves using different and beautiful yarns. I would sell at Craft Fairs and Markets all over Yorkshire, but in July 2019,  I decided take my items to Out of the Ordinary for them to sell. I have loved every minute with them and have since started designing and making baby blankets which again are in beautiful coloured and different yarns. So thank you Out of the Ordinary for keeping me busy!"

Looking for something specific?

We have so many wonderful items in our Skipton shop, and not all of them are available to buy online.
If you're looking for something in particular, please don't hesitate to get in touch!